Course Contents : 
Module-A : Generation of wireless Network 

History of communication, Modulation Techniques, Multiple Access Technologies, Evolution of 1G/2G/2.5G/3G/4G/5G, Techniques used in 1G/2G/2.5G/3G/4G/5G, Frequency bands for GSM800/GSM900/GSM1800/ GSM1900/GSM2100/ CDMA, WCDMA etc.


Module-B : Overview of GSM 
What is GSM, Evolution of GSM, Fundamentals of GSM, GSM Network Architecture (MS,BSS,NMS,OSS), Understanding GSM channels (Physical and Logical), Channel Used in Network, ARFCN, Layers(L1,L2.L3), Call flow in GSM system, Radio interface, Interference in GSM Networks, Frequency Hopping, advantages of GSM, Concept of Mobile orginating Call & Mobile Terminating call, SMS(Short Message services), Concept of GPRS/EDGE, Handover in GSM Network, Types of Handovers, Uses of Handover, Cell Selection, Cell Reselection in Network, Pilot pollution, Over shooting in Network, GSM traffic management.


  • 15 to 20  contact hours-Classroom and Field Training

Module-C : Overview of UMTS/WCDMA 
What is UMTS/WCDMA, Evolution of UMTS/WCDMA, Fundamentals of UMTS/WCDMA, Features of UMTS/WCDMA, UMTS/WCDMA Network Architecture (MS,BSS,NMS,OSS), Frequency Band in UMTS/WCDMA, Technology (FDD or TDD ), Understanding UMTS/WCDMA channels (Physical and Logical), Channel Used in 3G Network, WCDMA Codes – Channelization Codes, Scrambling Codes, Spreading Principles, Rake Receiver, Protocols, Call flow in 3G network, Power control in 3G, power control(Open and Closed Loop ), Hand over (Soft and Hard HO )Advantage of 3G network over 2G.


Module-D : Fundamental of Radio Frequency (RF)

Introduction to Radio waves, Wave Propagation, Path Loss, Shadowing, Multi-path Fading, Rayleigh Fading, Time Dispersion, Time Alignment, Combined Signal Loss, Channel coding, Interleaving, Antenna Diversity Technique, Types of Diversity Technique, Frequency Hopping, Types of Frequency Hoping, Introduction to panel Antenna, Electrical Properties of Antenna (Frequency Range, Antenna Diversity, Impedance, Gain, Beam width, VSWR, Tilt, Plarization, Radiation Pattern, Front to Back Ratio, EIRP & ERP).

Module-E : Tools Used in RF Survey & Drive Test
GPS(Global positioning system), Mirror Compass, Multimeter, Measuring Tape, Digital Camera, TEMS Handset(complete with charger, Handset, Data cable), USB HUB, Laptop (with TEMS software), Inverter, Multi Charging Terminal, Battery and Battery Charger

Module-F : RF Survey for 2G and 3G Network
What is RF Survey, Why we are doing RF Survey in network?, Clutter and Terrain descriptions, Steps to be followed in RF Survey, Tools required for RF Survey, Importance of RF Survey, Documents Preparation of RF survey Report.

Module-G: RF Drive Test for 2G and 3G Network
What is Drive Test, Why we are doing Drive Test in the network?, Types of Drive Tests, Steps to be followed in Drive test, Tools required for Drive Test, Types (Cluster, Auditing, Scanner), Drive Test Paramaters for 2G and 3G network, Drive in Idle and Deticated Modes, Log file collection, Basic Report Preparation for Drive Test.

At the end of this course, candidates will be able to :
◊ Talk and discuss effectively about different Cellular Technologies( GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS)
◊ Handle tools and equipment’s used for RF Survey and Drive Test
◊ Perform RF Survey for live GSM and WCDMA Networks
◊ Perform RF Drive Test for live GSM, EDGE, and WCDMA Networks
◊ Understand how to use Various S/w(Tems,Genex) for Drive Test
◊ Prepare documentation for RF Survey and Drive Test

Method of Training :
Providing well designed training material to all the candidates, Lectures by qualified & highly experienced trainers. We provide elaborate classroom study for 4 weeks and 2 weeks of lab/on site field study.


The opportunities for AWC are in Networking, Switching, RF Planning, RF Testing, RF Survey, O&M etc. These are mostly field opportunities especially in Nigeria, Ghana, and other top- notch telecom advanced locations including South and East Africa, the UK and the Middle East.

Please note: This module is compulsory for all aspiring Telecoms Engineers

* You can design and customize your training based upon your requirements from above mentioned topics or ask our experts to do it for you

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